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Want to contact Nationwide about your mortgage or saving? Nationwide is one of the biggest UK mortgage and saving providers. This Building Society has been going for a number of years now and has seen a boom in customers in recent years. This boom has meant they have had to update their banking procedures to include online banking and telephone banking for Nationwide members. This now means they can now offer their customer just as much modern convince as most high street banks. This has also meant an increase in calls to Nationwides customer service department have increased in recent years. However, Nationwide has increased it staffing number to keep up with increase demands on its banking services and ensure the highest level of customer support.

Review of Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide can trace its history all the way back to 1846 but has taken a number of mergers and takeover to become the building society that we know today. The most recent mergers were in 1987, when they merged with Anglia building societies and in 2007, when they merged with Portman. This has turn Nationwide in to the company we know today. As a building society there customer focus has always been at the fore front of all business decisions and growth.

The main subsidiaries of Nationwide are The Mortgage Works (UK) plc, UCB Home Loans Corporations Limited, E-MEX Home Funding Limited and Derbyshire Home Loans Limited which are all mortgage lenders. They also have Nationwide International Limited for offshore banking, taking deposits and Nationwide Syndications Limited for syndicated lending.

Nationwide may be one of the UK’s biggest savings and mortgage companies but they also provide current accounts and a number of other financial services to meet your needs. If you would like to talk to so someone about these services you can call Nationwide about current accounts and added services using the number on this page. You can also use the Nationwide helpline for emergencies such as lost or stolen cards or for general enquires.

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