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The official contact number for Portsmouth Water can be found free from portsmouthwater.co.uk.

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For all customer enquiries regarding switching to a water meter, sewerage services, charges & payments, telephone payment, direct debit, difficulties with paying, advice and information for water fittings, emergencies and interruptions to your water supply, bogus callers, queries about your bill and customer complaints - please get in touch with the Portsmouth Water customer care team by calling the phone number shown above Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm. Note that if you are having difficulty paying your water bill, it is important to contact the customer team as soon as possible.

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Portsmouth Water was founded in 1857 and is the company responsible for water supply and distribution in Portsmouth, part of East Hampshire and part of West Sussex. They serve Gosport, Fareham, Portsmouth, Havant, Chichester and Bognor Regis. The company began as the Borough of Portsmouth Waterworks Company, supplying Portsmouth city with water. They merged with the Gosport Waterworks Company in 1955 to create a new company headquartered in Havant in 1966. Portsmouth Water today gets their water from 18 borehole sites throughout the catchment area and natural springs in Havant and Bedhampton producing up to 170 million litres per day. The area supplied by Portsmouth Water extends through South East Hampshire and West Sussex encompassing over 500 square miles. The Company provides high quality public water to a domestic population of over 660,000 people as well as many important industries and commercial businesses. Portsmouth Water has a proud record of maintaining high standards of customer service whilst at the same time having the lowest water supply charges and drinking water of the highest quality from its springs, wells, boreholes, and surface water sources.

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