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The official contact number for Poundland can be found free from poundland.co.uk.

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To get in touch with the Poundland customer care team please call them using the phone number above for all queries, questions, feedback, ideas, complaints or suggestions. Alternatively you can contact the head office in writing at the following address: Poundland Ltd, Wellmans Road, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 2QT.

Review of Poundland

Poundland is a UK retail chain established in 1990 in which every item sells for £1. Poundland stores stock around 3,000 home and kitchen, gifts, healthcare and other products, many of which are brand names and some clearance products. Poundland operates a constantly rotating product line and is the largest single price discount retailer in Europe serving 2.75 million customers a week on average. In 2010 Poundland was sold to US private equity firm Warburg Pincus for £200 million. They recently removed the Poundland branding on many items and created around 50 sub-brands to increase sales, these brands include Beauty Nation, Kitchen Corner and Toolbox. In 2009 after the demise of the Woolworths chain, Poundland launched their own range of bagged sweets branded Sweet Heaven, which included many of the products previously found in the Woolworths's Pick n Mix selection. They also sell hundreds of products from top brands including Colgate, Walkers and Cadburys. They are also the UK's largest seller of batteries, selling top brands like Sony, Panasonic and Kodak priced more competitively than their rivals. Some of the products sold in Poundland under their own brand are supplied by manufacturers who are worried about their brand being sold in discount stores and allow Poundland to sell their products under their own branding.

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