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If you would you like to contact the customer service team at Premier Foods with an enquiry about one of their products or brands, please use the phone number shown above to contact the consumer relations team at their Head Office.

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Premier Foods is one of the UK’s largest branded food producers with a range that includes convenience foods, cooking sauces, bread and flours, cakes, desserts, stocks and gravies - everything you need for a very British kitchen and a real testament to the best in British food. Premier Foods are proud of their brands and British heritage, they consciously source as many of their ingredients, goods and services as they can from suppliers in the UK, championing British farmers and jobs. They provide customers with some of Britain's best loved brands, such as Ambrosia desserts, Batchelors meals, Bisto gravy, Hovis bread, Loyd Grossman sauces, Mr. Kipling cakes, OXO stocks and Sharwood’s Asian dishes. Their vision is to be the Best in British Food, to deliver the tastes the British love, with food that's made in Britain for British consumers. The chances are that you have one of their products in your home right now, in a recent survey they found that 98% of British households bought one of their products in the last year, hardly surprising when their sales for 2012 totalled over £1.35 billion, with their branded products represent more the majority of their sales with the remainder comes from sales of a their own-label products which are supplied to the UK’s major retailers. Premier Foods employ over 9,000 people to supply their portfolio of great British brands, many of which have been household favourites for generations, including Angel Delight desserts, Atora shredded suet, Be-Ro flour, Birds custards and desserts, Cadbury's cakes and chocolate spread (manufactured under licence), Chivers Preserves, Crosse and Blackwell savoury foods, Gale's honey and Homepride cooking sauces.

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