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The Royal Bank of Scotland offers its customers 24 hour phone support, all the seven days of a week. RBS customer phone support is available for personal, private and business customers based in Scotland, England and Wales. Your call to the RBS phone number may be recorded for training purposes and is also charged at a rate which varies with different networks. RBS customer service department offers a helping hand whatever your problem maybe. Contact RBS for any enquiries pertaining to credit cards, mortgages, insurance, travel, online banking or simply some account related information.

Review of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

The Royal Bank of Scotland is a retail banking subsidiary of the RBS group. Along with Natwest and Ulster bank, which belong to the same parent group, it provides branch banking facility all over Ireland and UK. The total number of RBS branches lie somewhere around 700, with most of them being in Scotland, though customers can also locate its branches in the larger cities and towns throughout England and Wales using the branch locator tool on the website. The bank is often confused with the Bank of Scotland, which also happens to be based in Edinburgh. It pre-dates RBS by 32 years, however.

The banking services of RBS are broadly categorized into business banking, corporate banking, private banking and personal banking. Some of its products and services have been recognized by external bodies. Its Value Added current account and Black card were given a 5 star rating by Defaqto. It won the award for Best Personal Finance Innovation in 2011-12. It was also given a three and four star rating respectively by The Fairbanking Foundation and Moneyfacts, for its savings and investment services.

From the smallest query like bank balance, to forgetting your digital banking details, to needing help on the mobile banking app; the RBS customer service department is there to listen. Find a number to contact RBS telephone banking on this page now.

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