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Do you want to get the Scottish Power telephone number? If you are looking to get hold of the Scottish Power helpline number then this is the site for you. Using the number above you can get connected to a Scottish Power representative. Scottish Power is one of the biggest of gas and electric in the UK and there call centre get a number of calls each day. The main reason to contact Scottish Power is to pay your bill over the phone, talk about gas and electric rates and tariffs, upgrading and switching suppliers. They can also be contact if you need to enquire about their boiler care or need to contact them about boiler repairs under their boiler cover.

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ScottishPower was established in 1990 when the UK energy providers where privatise from being state owned. It is currently Scotland largest power provider covering most of central and southern Scotland, Merseyside and Northern Wales. Scottish Power has invested heavily in renewable energy to safe guard their future as a main energy provider in the UK. In recent year Scottish Power has expanded the range of products they offer their customers. They now also offer gas appliances and boiler care.

This new expansion of products and services and recent increase in customer use has lead to an increase in customers contacting Scottish Power regarding a huge number of issues. If you are seeking to get hold of a person within Scottish Power by telephone you will have to get past there automated answering service and are likely to be on hold for a number minutes before getting to a real person. However there are a few things you can do over the phone without having to speak to a person like make a payment of a gas or electric bill or input your meter readings. Alternately you can get hold of Scottish Power via email.

Scottish Power LTD has also worked with a number of charities and offers a number of discounts to social vulnerable people. Discount like carefree which offers gas safety testing to people who have over 60s or people with disability in their household. Scottish Power discount and full eligibility can be found online or discussed over the phone.

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