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If you are looking for the Severn Trent Water phone number, you are on the right page. The Severn Trent Water contact telephone number shown can be used to get in touch with the Severn Trent Water customer service team for all queries such as billing enquiries, water meter questions, business queries, caller ID checks and all other enquiries regarding the water supply and sewerage for your home or business. lines are open from Mon to Fri, 8am to 8pm & Sat from 8am to 1pm. However there is 24 hour coverage on the same Severn Trent Water phone number for emergency reporting and their is also an automated service outside of hours for basic billing enquiries such as present outstanding balance and even making payments.

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Severn Trent, formed in 1974, is a regional water authority based in Birmingham. They are responsible for water management, supply and treatment of waste water, for the catchment areas of the Severn and the Trent. The company origins date back to the 18th century, when they shared responsibility for water supply and treatment with local government and other private companies. In the 19th century many councils acquired their local water companies through new powers and by 1973, 29 river authorities had been formed which covered England and Wales. The Water Act 1973 consolidated the water and sewerage companies into ten major water authorities, each responsible for all aspects of water supply, sewage treatment and river protection in their own areas.

One of those ten authorities was Severn Trent Water Authority, but the government decided to privatise the water industry and the Severn Trent Water Authority along with the other water authorities passed into private ownership by 1989. The new private company was called Severn Trent Plc, which is the parent company for Severn Trent Water. This long history and the years of experience in the water and sewerage industry really show when you need to get in touch with the Severn Trent Water customer team. A quick call to the Severn Trent Water contact telephone number provided gives you access to expert advisors and you will find that the team can handle a broad range of enquiries, resolving any issues you have within minutes.

This Number can also be used to report water leaks in public areas where Seven Trent supplies water to.

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